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I. Placing an order

No, you can place your order as a guest, using your email address and other required information. Please make sure that your contact details are correct because we will keep you updated with your order via your email address.

However, we recommend that you register with us because of these following perks:

- More proactively keep track of your order.

- Save your contact details for faster purchases in the future.

- Manage your order history.

- Enroll in our loyalty program and unlock exclusive rewards.

You can sign up for an account by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit our website: https://trendingcustom.com/

Step 2: Select Profile icon on the top menu bar

Step 3: Click on the Sign Up Now button in the upper right corner

Step 4: Fill out the form with your email address, name and password. Kindly use at least 5 characters for your password. Then, click Sign up.

Congratulations! Your account has been successfully set up and an account confirmation email will be sent to your email address. 

Alternatively, you may also create your own account by using your Google and Facebook account.

Yes for sure. There will be no extra charge for creating your account. You can earn 420 points upon signup and have a great chance to join our loyalty program to receive several amazing deals for future purchases. To read more about rewards, please visit section Gift codes and Rewards below or click here.

How to subscribe:

You might take interest in getting regular updates on newly launched items and great deals. Please go to https://trendingcustom.com/ and scroll down until you can see the “A secret discount for you” section at the bottom of the page as below. 

Enter your email address here and you have sucessfully subscribed to our mailing list.

You will receive a confirmation email. Please check your inbox and reconfirm your email with us to receive a 10% discount code for your first order. 

How to unsubscribe:

In case you want to unsubscribe from us, please open our email to see the link to unsubscribe in the footer of the email. Kindly visit this link and enter your email address as requested. We do not want to let you leave but we deeply respect your decision. We are still here 24/7 for you if you need our assistance.

Sadly, we only sell available items and designs on our website at the moment. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any ideas or requests, we will forward it to our design team to consider offering it in the future.

After you add your item to the cart, there is no option to modify its design. Therefore, if you want to change any information, please remove this item and create a new design again.

To remove an item from your cart, you can either enter your wanted number in the quantity box or simply click on the button (-).

II. Sizing and Product info

Our shirts are pre-shrunk and in American sizes. You can visit our size chart here to get more details: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/size-chart. Please note that there might be a ±1.0 inches differencedue to manual measurement and production processes.

Most of our items are made of 100% cotton fabric, except for:

Ash/Gray color shirts: 99/1 cotton/polyester.

Hoodie: 75/25 cotton/polyester for Gray Heather color and 70/30 cotton/polyester for others.

Sweatshirt: 50/50 cotton/polyester.

The majority of our shirts are made with Gildan, besides, we also use Hanes or Equivalent.

A frame is NOTincluded with a poster.

Please see below some major differences between our canvas and poster products:

- Size: Both vary in size for you to pick 18” x 12”; 24” x 16”; 36” x 24”; 48” x 32”. If you need an item with a smaller size 12” x 8”, a canvas should be your choice.

- Material: A poster is made of high quality resin-coated photo paper, with 260 GSM in weight and 10 mil in thickness. Meanwhile, a canvas includes 35% cotton, and 65% polyester, weights 310 GSM; 16 mil in thickness. 

- Attachment: A poster DOES NOT include a frame while a canvas is framed and full gallery wrapped.

Kindly read products' full name and the description for more details before placing your order to avoid any possible confusion.

Coming sooUp to present, we only provide 11oz mugs, and 12oz campfire mugs. If you prefer a larger capacity, please opt for our 20z tumblers.

For further details, please visit: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/size-guide

These tips below will help to preserve the fabric and print quality of your shirts:

- Turn the shirt inside out and wash with cold water

- Dry your shirt on a low heat

- Avoid harsh detergents

- Iron your shirt inside out with low heat and a tea towel in between if possible

III. Gift codes and Rewards

Joining is easy, all you have to do is create an account for FREE here.

Already have an account? Consider yourself in. All you have to do is to log into your existing account to view your account status and eligible benefits.

Please visit the link below to have more information about the reward/loyalty program: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/reward?ref=navigation  

We suggest a lot of actions that help you earn points, many of them do not require spending money: refer friends, fill in your birthday, follow our Facebook page/Instagram profile, etc

Please visit the link below to have more information about how to earn points: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/reward?ref=navigation

For now, Trending Customer allows only ONEcoupon to be applied in a single checkout.

Please subscribe to our email to receive a 10% discount code for your first order. We will send it within 24 hours. Please check your spam folder if it doesn't arrive in your inbox.

If you still haven’t received any discount codes, please contact our support service by sending an email to support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget.

Kindly try these steps when your promo code does not work:

- Check terms and conditions of the code if it is still active.

- Check if your order meets the promo criteria because some promotions are only applicable on certain items and specific email addresses or exclusively for new customers.

- Make sure that the code has not previously been used.

- Ensure that you are applying only one coupon at a single checkout.

In case all of the above are correct, please take a screenshot of the discount code you received and send it to support@trendingcustom.com. We will assist you further.

Please log in and then visit https://trendingcustom.com/pages/reward?ref=navigation. We have many vouchers for you to exchange your points.

IV. Payment

​​Our payment methods include:

- Credit, debit, and prepaid cards

- Paypal

- Apple Pay is currently available, but it is only visible when you use Safari on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

You can click on the link below to get more information: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/payment-methods

We completely understand that the privacy and security of your online transactions are your biggest concern. At Trending Custom, we assure you that your personal details are kept safe and your credit card information is not stored on our servers. 

We verify each transaction with the credit company and only process orders after the credit company authorizes them. In the case of a suspicious or declined transaction, our company may contact you to confirm the validity and ensure your identity or cancel that order with full notification.

On credit/debit cards, CVV verification is required before your order can be completed. Additionally, most credit cards and Paypal offer buyers the protection for online purchases. Please contact them directly for specific details as it may vary from one financial institution to another.

Credit and debit cards have a security code for additional protection. For most cards, it will be a 3-4 digit number on the back of the card. For American Express cards, you can find it on the front side of the card.

Yes, your payment is processed immediately. It may show up initially as an authorization on your account, and then, as it is accepted it will show as a debit on your statement.

TrendingCustom.com is proud to be a reliable brand belonging to TM Commerce LLC. That is why your order will be charged by our parent company's financial account named TM Commerce LLC.

We are an international company, using an American payment processor called Stripe. That results in some banks charging additional fees, while other banks do not. Sadly, this is outside of our control.

Besides, we currently have 04 payment gateways: USA, Canada, UK and Singapore. For now, all payments using credit cards go straight to our payment gateway in Canada or Singapore and that is why there is an international fee assessed on your bill. To avoid international fees, you can use Paypal as a mode of payment in the future.

The payment will remain secure as Stripe is PCI-compliant and handles the whole payment process for us.

You should pay once for an order with us. If you are being charged a second time, please reach out to us with your order number and a screenshot of the transactions. Our finance team will check and complete our investigation soon. 

If you pay through Paypal, the second amount might be a pre-authorised charge from PayPal and it will eventually fall off your account. We highly suggest contacting PayPal to turn off or remove the pre-authorized setting in your account. 

It may also be a pending transaction when paying by credit card. It appears on your bank statement along with the real payment and will disappear within a few business days.

Please reach out to us if you do not see any changes on your account within 5 - 7 business days and we will help to check it out.

Please try to check your payment information to make sure that your card number, expiration date and billing address are completely correct. You should try to enter the information again if you have changed them recently.

Besides, we currently have 04 payment gateways: USA, Canada, UK and Singapore. The transaction may not push through if the payment is routed to our international gateway while your card is not allowed internationally.

We recommend that you contact your bank or credit card company to ask for the reason why the transaction fails. Your request should be solved within 24 hours by your bank.

V. Modification and Cancellation

If you change your mind about your purchase, please send us an email to support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget and provide your order number and the modification you would like to make. We’ll confirm once the modification has been made.

Please note that your order is only eligible to be modified within 02 hours of placing the order. After that time, the order is locked for processing and can no longer be modified.

You cannot add more items to an existing order after checkout. Please create a new order if you're interested.

If you want to change your shipping address, please send us an email to support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget and provide your order number and the new address you would like to update. We’ll confirm once the modification has been made.

Please note that your shipping address is only eligible to be modified within 02 hours of placing the order. After that time, the order is locked for processing and can no longer be modified.

Due to security reasons, we are unable to edit the billing address. Please don't worry, as long as the shipping address is correct, the order will be delivered accordingly. Also, we will not be including the billing details when we pack the order.

If you change your mind about your purchase, please send us an email to support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget and provide your order number. We’ll confirm once the cancellation has been made.

Please note that your order is only eligible to be canceled within 02 hoursof placing the order. After that time, the order is locked for processing and can no longer be canceled.

You will receive a refund confirmation when we finish the cancellation process. After that, please kindly wait for about 7-10 daysto get your money back into your account (depending on various banks).

VI. Orders and Shipment

Your order number can be found at the top of your confirmation email. Please check your inbox, including your spam folder, for your confirmation email.

If you still cannot locate your confirmation email, enter your full name and email address in the link here and click on "Find My Order Number": https://trendingcustom.com/pages/tracking-order?find-order-number=true.

We will help you to find out your order number right away.

You should receive an email with order confirmation shortly after completing your purchase. 

If it does not exist in your inbox, please kindly check the spam folder of the correct email address associated with your order. Sometimes our email is flagged incorrectly, leading it to go to your spam box. You can open our email, mark it as important and flag it as “Not spam” to avoid the same issue happening again. Also, please add the email support@trendingcustom.com to your contact list in your account so that our emails would go through afterwards.

In case you can not find your order confirmation email in your junk box, please feel free to let us know via our email or help widget, we would be delighted to assist you further.

When your order is fulfilled, we will send you an email to inform you about your tracking number so that you can follow the package all the way home. The majority of orders are produced and shipped out within 7-15 business days. For further details, please visit our article: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/shipping-policy

If you do not find any emails with the tracking number in your inbox or spam folder after 7-15 business days since your purchase, please kindly reach out to us via email support@trendingcustom.com or send us messages at our help widget for further help.

You can also proactively track your order status by logging into your account (or signing up if you haven't had an account yet) on our website and navigating to My Account > My order.

The shipping cost depends on your location. It will appear at checkout. 

Most of the orders will be handled and delivered by USPS and UPS. Other shipping partners are DHL, Fedex and A C I. Depending on your location and products, we use different couriers to ensure that your order would reach you in the shortest possible time.

All of our products are made and shipped from the US.

Yes. Currently, we offer express shipping for mugs and ornaments.

Yes, Free Standard Shipping will be automatically applied when:

- The subtotal of items is over $70 USD after applying your discount code.

- Shipping address is within the US.

- Your order does not include Canvas, Poster, Metal Sign or Doormat.

Orders typically arrive after 5-20 business days. Different types of products will lead to the variety in shipping and production time. To see the estimated shipping time for your order, please visit our Shipping policy on the link below: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/shipping-policy 

Please do not worry when your tracking number has not updated yet. The tracking typically updates as soon as it reaches the next facility, and shipping carriers normally take 1-5 business days to scan your package. If the tracking number is still not working after 14 business days, please contact us via support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget, we will give further assistance immediately.

We are sincerely sorry to hear that you have not received your package as indicated. Please kindly try these steps to locate it:

- Check if the shipping address on your order confirmation is correct.

- Check your mailbox again and ask if your family members or neighbors have accepted the item on your behalf.

- If you are unable to find your package, please kindly contact the local post to ask the postman about your package. 

After doing the above steps, if you are still clueless about your order, please reach out to us at support@trendingcustom.com or send us messages at https://contact.trendingcustom.com/. We would be happy to give further advice on this matter.

Possible reasons for your package being returned to the sender might include, but not be limited to:

- Your shipping address is incorrect/insufficient.

- The addressee refuses the shipment.

- The receiver has moved without providing a forwarding address.

- Unsuccessful delivery after several attempts.

A "Return to Sender” package will be ineligible for redelivery and will be disposed of once it reaches the carrier’s warehouse.

In case your shipping address is correct after careful checking, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email support@trendingcustom.com or send us a message at https://contact.trendingcustom.com/. We will take care of the rest for you!

VII. Replacement & Refund

We stand behind our quality and offer a 100% quality guarantee on any items purchased from our store. If there is any problem with the item you received. Please send a photo of the defective item to us at support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget within 30 days since the delivery day. We’ll make it right!

Your replacement follows the same timeframe as the normal order. You can check the shipping policy here: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/shipping-policy

Due to hygiene reasons and the fact that our products are customized, we DO NOT accept returned/ exchanged items. Please contact us at support@trendingcustom.com or our help widget if the item you received has a problem.

Please be reminded that our warranty policy lasts 30 daysfor replacement/refund requests only. If 30 days have gone by since you received the order, unfortunately, we can't offer you a replacement or refund.

You will receive a refund confirmation when we finish the refund process. After that, please kindly wait for about 7-10 days to get your money back into your account (depending on various banks).

VIII. Additional support

Your complete satisfaction is our responsibility. Please contact us via our email support@trendingcustom.com or send us your messages at https://contact.trendingcustom.com/. We’re always here to get your concerns and issues sorted out. 

Unfortunately, we do not provide call services at the moment. Please no worries, just drop us a line at any time to our email support@trendingcustom.com or enter your email address and questions here https://contact.trendingcustom.com/. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We always want to bring you the happiest shopping experience and would be delighted to hear your feedback and comments about our site. If you are encountering errors about pricing, site glitches or any other trouble with our website, please let us know by sending an email to support@trendingcustom.com.

Please kindly provide us with as much information as possible and allow us a few hours to complete our investigation and fix the error for you.

Thank you so much for your help!

As a user-generated content platform, we take infringing content concerns seriously. We truly appreciate that you are taking the time to report a suspected violation. In order to place a formal complaint, please follow the instructions on this page: https://trendingcustom.com/pages/intellectual-property-claim


Our Loyalty Program has come back after the system maintenance progress. We have updated our system to ensure the program works better and we are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

To express our sincere thanks for your trust as well as your patience, we would love to send 500 points for you to use in your future purchase. The points will be added automatically to your account.

Thank you for being our treasured customers!