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The Complete Guide To Preserve Your Poster

June 09, 2022

The Complete Guide To Preserve Your Poster

Are you owning a personalized poster of TrendingCustom.com? Lovely!!! You can rest assured that our posters are made from high-quality resin-coated photo paper and the print can last up to 200 years (color) and 400 years (black-and-white). However, we know that you're a careful person and you want to preserve your poster always in the best condition. Therefore, we'd love to suggest to you several ways to keep your poster like new.

Hang your posters correctly

Whether your posters are hung for display or stored, they are equally susceptible to damage due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, hang your posters on interior walls and keep them away from heaters, humidifiers, ventilation systems, heating or cooling ducts and vents, working fireplaces, water pipes, and direct sunlight.

Preserving a poster by framing it

This is the 100-percent the best way to hang a poster. If you put it in a frame, it will look less like a poster and more like a piece of art, which is far more appropriate for an adult home. While it might cost a lot of money to spend on a frame, believe me, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment, as your home will look so much nicer.

However, please note that light is one of the paper's worst enemies. So to preserve your poster in frames, use UV-resistant glass or Plexiglas to eliminate most of the damage sunlight and fluorescent lights will cause.

Besides, it is important that the frame you purchase corresponds with the poster’s length, width, and thickness. Some frames can only accommodate thin posters, so measuring the thickness will be helpful; there should be a little less than an inch allowance between the poster and the lens - this is to prevent them from sticking.

Preserving a poster by laminating it

Let's go to staples or another print shop and ask if they have a wide format laminator and get either a clear (which is a kind of glossy) lamination. This method can be a cost-effective option. Not only will lamination preserve your documents but it makes them waterproof, cleanable, and reusable.

After laminating, you can hang it on the wall using rails. Rails on the top and bottom of the poster create a look that’s akin to a frame, but for less money especially if you’re looking to hang up a lot of posters.

*Tips to clean the poster

  • Wash and thoroughly dry your hands first.
  • Use clean white cotton to clean the surface of the poster.
  • Use both hands when handling posters and be gentle.
  • Never lift posters by a single corner which can cause tearing.
  • Don't drag posters across surfaces that could scratch them.
  • Posters at TrendingCustom.com

    Our posters are made of High quality resin-coated photo paper with the thickness of 10 mil. which provides a durable photo feel. The poster is a practical & impactful way to decorate any living space.


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