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How To Keep Your Fleece Blanket Soft And Not Shedding

June 09, 2022

How To Keep Your Fleece Blanket Soft And Not Shedding

Many people like to have at least a fleece blanket in their living room. It’s comfortable and makes the room pretty. However, keeping these blankets from pilling, shedding or ruin is always a big concern. If you have one or several fleece blankets that you love snuggling in while enjoying your favorite shows or movies, you might want to check out the information below to keep it from pilling, shedding and always soft.


A secret to keep your fleece blanket soft is to wash and dry it before the first use.

In order to reduce the level of pilling on your blanket, you need to treat stains before washing it with the machine. Simply put the soap on the stains for about 10’, they will fade away. After that, blot the soap up with a towel. It’s important to remember not to rub the fabric because you could make the stain worse. Repeat the trick with the soap a few times if needed on stubborn stains.

After you’re done with the stains, get your blanket into the washing machine.However, there are several rules while doing it.

The first washing rule is not to get your fleece blanket washed together with other clothes or blankets. It deserves the place for itself only. The second rule for washing this blanket is to use cool and cold water. The next rule for a lovely fleece blanket is to use the “gentle” setting on your washing machine. Last but not least, use a small amount of soap without fabric softeners. If you follow the above instructions, when you take the blanket out of the washing machine, it should be clean and rarely have pilling. 


As your blanket is clear now, you can start drying it. Same as the washing cycle, the dryer should have the gentle mode for your fleece blanket. 

If you’re still concerned about the heat of the dryer causing pilling, you can take the air drying approach. Hang your fleece blanket on a clothesline and let it dry over the course of a few hours. However, this approach might not work during winter.


After your blanket is dry, you should remove protruding fibers by laying the sheet on a flat surface and using a sweater shaver. Then, rub and roll a lint roller or pumice stone on your blanket to remove any remaining strands. In case you don’t have a lint roller, you can wrap your hand with a wide masking tape and blot around the blanket surface.

We hope the above tricks will help your fleece blanket as soft and comfy as ever. It sounds like a bunch of work but by giving your sheet a bit of tender loving care, you will not regret it when being wrapped under the lovely warmth.

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