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Top 15 Out-Of-Ordinary Christmas Gifts for Wife That She Will Love

October 10, 2021

Top 15 Out-Of-Ordinary Christmas Gifts for Wife That She Will Love

The most anticipated holiday is just around the corner - Christmas. It is the time of giving, but finding the perfect gift for your wife can be challenging. It’s hard to choose something that is interesting, creative, and also unlike any other present you’ve given her before.

One way to make your wife’s Christmas special is to give her a gift that will match her interests and hobbies. Look for a Christmas gift that will remind her of something special and meaningful that she could wear or use later on. It will be even more unique and extraordinary if you personalize it for your loved one. It could be with her photo, a heart-warming quotation, or a picture resembling her and you. 

Trending Custom has prepared for you a list of exceptional Christmas gifts that you can purchase for your wife. All the items below are readily available and can be customized according to your preferences. 

1. Personalized Christmas Pillows 

A gift that your wife will always use and keep in a visible place is a customized pillowcase. Trending Custom has pillows for both cat and dog lovers. You can personalize the pets in the picture to resemble those you have at home. The fun part is that you can find different breeds, as well as add the costumes and names. 

The final result will be unbelievably charming and lovely. It is also a great decor item for your couch or bed, and there is an abundance of Christmas pillows your wife will definitely love. 


Here are some of the Christmas pillows: 


2. Personalized Decorative Ornaments

If your wife is into decoration and is always looking for extraordinary ornaments to hang around a Christmas tree - you’re in luck! Trending Custom has numerous ornaments that are funny and can be personalized. You can create a picture with horses, dogs, and cats. Depending on the size and shape you choose (and we have many), you can create an image with up to 8 pets on it with various outfits and colors, or you can insert a photo of your four-legged friend.

If you can’t decide which shape to order, go for all that you like! After all, it is a great idea to decorate your house with your favorite pets.

Here are some of the Christmas ornaments:


3. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Christmas is the time of hot drinks, and there is no better gift than a personalized mug! You can create a picture of you and your wife sitting with a dog and enjoying quality time together. You can also find different pictures to recreate the look of your wife with a dog and a lovely quotation on the other side of a mug. 


Trending Custom hasn’t forgotten about other furry friends; you can personalize a mug with numerous cats surrounding your wife in cute costumes and decorations. 

Overall, there are so many mugs to choose from that your head will spin! Knowing your wife’s preferences and likes, you will face no problem. 


Here are some of the Christmas mugs:


4. Personalized Candle Holders

Are you planning a romantic dinner? How about setting a charming atmosphere with wooden candle holders? They are an ideal gift for a dog-loving wife where you can customize her four-legged friends’ looks. 



You can choose up to 3 dogs for this candle holder and customize everyone in the image. You can even change a person’s hair color and drink! And, of course, there are all dog breeds available on the list.


5. Personalized T-Shirts


A personalized T-shirt with favorite pets and a lovely quote on it is a memorable gift. Trending Custom has T-shirts made of 100% cotton, soft and of exceptional quality. When ordering any apparel from us, make sure to pick the correct size. And if you notice a mistake, make sure to inform us immediately. 



Here are some of the Christmas T-shirts:


6. Personalized Phone Case


Is there anything more adorable than having your cats and dogs on the back of your smartphone? We have fantastic design ideas for owners of iPhones and Samsungs. You can place a personalized order for your wife and customize it yourself with funny and eye-catching colors and costumes.  


Here are some of the Christmas smartphone cases:


7. Personalized Garden Flags

If your wife’s hobby is gardening, it is a creative idea to get a garden flag! The flag can be hung outside in the garden or back yard, and it has bright, eye-catching colors. Trending Custom prints it on high-quality polyester material, so it is safe to use outdoors. 



You can choose up to 6 cats on one flag and dress them however you want. This wonderful creation is an artistic decor to make gardening more fun and to welcome guests. 

8. Personalized Hoodies and Pullovers


Warm and soft hoodies are a perfect idea for a Christmas surprise party. Whether your wife loves cats or dogs, you can find various designs on Trending Custom and personalize them according to the taste of your loved one. Depending on a hoodie, you can add up to 3 or 8 pets, dress them up and edit the quote. 



The hoodies are made of quality materials and come in many sizes. There is double-needle stitching, so you can be sure it will last you a long time. Thanks to the air-jet yarn, the apparel is less extensible.


Here are some of the Christmas hoodies:


9. Personalized Canvas 


The personalized canvas is a great alternative to regular pictures if you look for something to cover the walls with. Moreover, you can create your own design with a special message for your loved one, and your wife will definitely appreciate the effort you put into it. 


Here are some of the Christmas canvas:



10. Personalized Doormats 



Another funny gift you can order is a doormat. It is something that everybody has, but only a few pay attention to such an important detail of a house. A well-designed doormat can set the right mood right before the guests enter your home. 


Here are some of the Christmas doormats:




11. Personalized Fleece Blankets 



You can create a great combination of personalized pillows with a fleece blanket - a warm and cozy addition to your bedroom or living room. Trending Custom has an extensive variety of Christmas blankets with cute pet friends print or the family name. At an affordable price, you get a silky material, perfect for cold evenings spent with a cup of tea and a book or in the arms of your loved one.  


Here are some of the warm Christmas fleece blankets:


12. Personalized Tumblers

If you already own plenty of mugs, how about ordering a cat- or dog-inspired tumbler? Trending Custom has a tumbler with a couple pictured on it where you can create an image showing you with your wife. You will be able to customize the product and choose between some of the most romantic quotes. Just imagine your wife drinking from it and appreciating how diligently you've worked on this gift.  


The tumblers are made of stainless steel, and they have a premium material lid. The print stays clear and vibrant, even after numerous washes. They can also keep your drink hot for up to 4 hours - a perfect gift for those who like spending time outdoors. 


Here are some of the Christmas tumblers:


13. Personalized Posters 

Another great idea to gift your wife this Christmas is high-quality resin-coated photo paper. The gift becomes even more special when you personalize it to resemble your wife and your dogs.   

The poster is an exceptional decor for your home, and it stays vivid and colorful after many years. Your wife will be delighted to look at it! 


Here are some of the Christmas posters:


14. Personalized Door Hanger Signs

Is your front door empty? Not for long with our amazing selection of door hanger signs. The signs come in circle shapes and are made of premium plywood. The print looks very bright, and is full of color. 



In the order, you get one sign and a jute rope to hang it on your door. Next time your wife comes home, she will be surprised to spot this beauty!


Here are some of the Christmas door hangers:


15. Personalized Cards 

If you happen to be far away, you can order any of the gifts mentioned above and add this card to include a love letter. How surprised and moved your wife would be to read it and keep it whenever she misses you. It is still very important to share your feelings even when being close, and sometimes writing is the best way to express them.


Here are some of the funny Christmas postcards:


Final Tip to Surprise Your Wife

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you put your love into it and make it as personal as you can in order to please your wife on a memorable family holiday that is Christmas. Regardless of the gift, she will definitely appreciate the efforts and energy you dedicated to understanding her interests and needs. 

Even if you are not sure what exactly your wife will love the most, you have time to observe her and make a decision. And if you like a collection of gifts we have available, you can order them and surprise your wife every day during the holiday break.