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Express Your Love & Care With These 15 Christmas Gifts for Your Family

September 30, 2021

Express Your Love & Care With These 15 Christmas Gifts for Your Family

Can you hear jingle bells ringing? Christmas is just around the corner. Soon, we’re all be driving home for Christmas, rocking around the Christmas tree, and walking in the winter wonderland while dreaming of a white Christmas. 


And what better way to spend the most wonderful time of the year than enjoying it with your loved ones? Christmas is the perfect period to give your family all the love you have. And by sharing your love, we mean expressing it with amazing and personalized gifts.


Now, considering you’re reading these words, it would be fair to assume you still don’t know what to slip under the Christmas tree this year. If that’s the case, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find our list of the top 15 fabulous and personalized Christmas gifts to express your love and care towards your family.

For Mom & Dad

Christmas Mom Personalized Phone Case

Personalized Phone Case For Moms

If you want to give your mom a Christmas gift she’ll be taking with her anywhere she goes, this personalized phone case will do the trick. You can choose between plastic and glass cases for the most popular iPhone and Samsung models.


Most importantly, though, you’ll be able to customize the case with a personalized hashtag, background, hair, and accessories. You can also include the names of you and your siblings to remind your mom how much you all love her every time she reaches for her phone.



Christmas Dad Bod Dinosaurs Personalized Hoodie/Sweatshirt

Christmas Dinosaur Dad Hoodie

If you and your siblings don’t know what to give your dad this Christmas, you can stop searching because this Dad Bod Dinosaurs Personalized sweatshirt is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Its hilarious design, combined with top-quality materials, wide color selection, and customization options, make it an ideal dad Christmas gift. You can also make it a hoodie or a t-shirt if your dad prefers them from sweatshirts.




Merry Christmas Dad From Swimming Champions - Personalized Mug

Merry Christmas Dad Christmas Coffee Mug

All fathers love dad jokes. And no matter how cringe or silly they are, we all have to admit those jokes have their charm. This cup shows it better than any gift, as it combines a cute message with a joke no dad would be ashamed of! 


To give it a personal touch, you can customize it any way you please by implementing your names and changing the kids’ design. You can also choose between a ceramic and a two-tone mug.



For Grandma & Grandpa

Christmas No Place Like Grandma Grandpa House Personalized Doormat

Grandma & Grandpa Personalized Doormat

A grandparent’s house is a synonym of coziness. Let your grandma and grandpa know this by giving them the cute Christmas personalized doormat. That way, anyone who ever shows on their doorstep will know that your grandparents are the best couple on earth! What’s more, you can customize the doormat with your grandparents’ names and personalized text, making it an ideal gift.



Nana We Hugged This Personalized Pillow

Nana We Hugged This Personalized Pillow

Show your grandma how much you love her with this personalized Nana We Hugged pillow. Coming with a cute rhyme, this pillow is an ideal Christmas gift for any grandma, and you can rest assured your nana will love it too.


Again, you can choose between linen, canvas, and suede. You will also be able to customize the pillow with all the names of your nana’s grandkids - Trading Customs allows customers to use up to 70 characters.



Grandpa Knows Everything T-Shirt

Grandpa Knows Everything Tee

If you want to show your grandpa how awesome he is in a cute yet fun way, getting him this t-shirt is the way to go! Coming in various colors and sizes, the Grandpa Knows Everything tee is a perfect Christmas gift. Customize it with a different grandpa design and up to 12 grandkids’ names and put a smile on your grandpa’s face.



For Cat Lovers

Walking Cat Personalized Pillow

Walking Cat Personalized Christmas Pillow

If you have a cat parent in your family, this Walking Cat Personalized Pillow will definitely put a smile on their face. Made of top-quality materials - you can choose between linen, canvas, and suede - this cute pillow is a Christmas gift. 


The best thing, though, is that you can personalize it to match your family member even more. You can choose the color, number of cats, and the quote. You will even be able to select the actual cat that will appear on the pillow!



Best Cat Dad Ever Just Ask - Personalized Cat Dad Shirt

Best Cat Dad Ever Tee

Staying in the cat theme, the next item on our list is an excellent gift for any loving cat dad out there. And if you think giving someone a t-shirt for Christmas isn’t an original idea, just look at this fantastic tee.


Coming in a forever fashionable navy color, this Best Cat Dad Ever t-shirt will look great on anyone. Most importantly, you’ll be able to personalize it by putting in the actual cat’s name(s). This way, your loved one will know straight away that this is indeed the t-shirt for him and his cute cats!



Cat Hair In Here - Personalized Coffee Mug

Cat Hair Coffee Mug

Any cat parent can relate to the problem of hair in coffee mugs. And if you have a family member who lives with cats, this creates an opportunity for a little joke gift - this personalized coffee mug. 


You can choose between a two-tone or ceramic cup and customize it with different cats and their names. You can be sure your loved one will giggle once they unwrap the Christmas paper and see this mug.



For Dog Lovers

Life Is Better With a Dog - Fall Season Personalized Dog Mom Coffee Mug

Life Is Better With A Dog Coffee Mug

Life is indeed better with a dog. If you have a loved one who thinks the same, this personalized coffee mug will make an ideal gift for her. This top-quality ceramic cup is perfect for spending cold winter days cuddled in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate or coffee.


What’s more, with Trending Customs, you’ll be able to customize everything from the woman’s hairstyle, skin color, and name to the dog’s breed and name. You will also be able to choose the perfect quote to match your loved one’s character.



My Couch - Christmas Sleeping Dog Personalized Pillow

Our Couch Sleeping Dogs Pillow

Can you name a dog that doesn’t love to sleep on the couch? Probably not. If someone from your family knows what it’s like to battle with a dog for a place on the sofa, this hilarious personalized pillow will make a fabulous Christmas gift.


Like any other pillow from the Trading Custom range, you can personalize it to make it truly unique. First, you can choose between linen, canvas, and suede pillow. You can also select the size. Secondly, you can decide how many dogs you want to appear on the pillow (maximum two) and pick their breed and names.



Christmas Dog Ugly Sweater Personalized Doormat

Santa Paws Please Stop Here Doormat

If this isn’t the cutest doormat ever, then we don’t know what is. Anyone who sees it at your family members’ doorstep will immediately smile and feel more comfortable. And that’s exactly the meaning of Christmas, isn’t it? To feel at home wherever you are.


Personalize the doormat by choosing the background, dog breeds, and the dog’s names. Trending Customs allows you to select from 100 breeds, so there’s a high chance your loved one’s doggo will be there as well!




Girl and Her Horse - Personalized Christmas Decorative Circle Ornament

Girl And Her Horse Christmas Ornament

If your sister or cousin practices horse riding, giving her this personalized Girl and Her Horse ornament is a fantastic way to show that you care about her passion. It will look gorgeous on the Christmas tree, but your sister can also hang it in her room once the tree is gone. 


As for the material, you can decide between two options - ceramic or plastic. Other than that, you can personalize the ornament by customizing the background, horse, and the girl’s skin color. You can also buy a different shape if you aren’t a fan of circle ornaments. At Trading Customs, you’ll also find heart-shaped and star-shaped ornaments.



To My Daughter - Colorful Tree Personalized Fleece Blanket

Mom And Daughter Fleece Blanket

If you have an older daughter, the chances are you aren’t always there to hug her. In that case, giving her this thoughtful, personalized fleece blanket as a Christmas gift is an amazing choice, especially for cold winter days.


It’s cute, warm, and its motivational quote will ensure your daughter always knows she can count on you. The best feature here is that you can customize the blanket by choosing a mother and daughter design that resembles you most.



The Family Rules Funny Parents & Kids Personalized Shirt

Family Rules T-shirt Set

Now the perfect Christmas gift for an entire family - this set of personalized parents & kids shirts is both cute and hilarious. And to make things even more interesting, you customize each shirt with a different color, quote, name, and design.


Imagine your family together on holiday wearing these shirts. Wouldn’t that be an amazing experience? Get the whole set this Christmas and show the world how bonded you are!



Feel the Magic of Christmas

If you’re in the search for fantastic family gifts, this list is everything you need to make your loved ones happy this Christmas. Don’t cut corners this year and buy ordinary presents you see displayed in shopping malls. Instead, express your love and care by putting some effort into customizing your Christmas gifts. You can rest assured your loved ones will absolutely love them. Check out the Trending Custom offer today and see for yourself how amazing a gift can get. Oh, and Merry Christmas!